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Alfa Carpets embraces trending tones: from purple to lilac

05.10.2023  min. read

In a vibrant showcase of its commitment to ever-evolving design aesthetics, Alfa Carpets once again proves its dedication to keeping pace with current trends. While the collection previously sported a rich palette dominated by purple, we are now steering our creative vision towards a softer shade, reminiscent of the calming hue of lilac.

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The Art Behind the Color

We continuously work to keep up with current trends. We are continuously engaged in adapting and refining our colour profiles. Collaborating closely with developers of colour pigments and designers skilled in Pantone shades, the journey from a conceptual colour to a tangible carpet design is both art and science. This partnership is evident in their meticulous approach: creating specific colours begins with test bobs, leading to the selection of a blank grain that undergoes a transformative colouring process.

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Perfection Through Process

However, innovation is seldom without its challenges. The path to the perfect shade of lilac has been marked by trial and error, emphasizing the colossal development process behind each product. But, as with all masterpieces, the effort is worth the result. The upcoming collection promises a harmonious blend, with a combination of five complementary colours that seamlessly converge to create the desired ambiance.


A Journey of Fine-Tuning

While we are deeply immersed in our pursuit of the ideal lilac shade, it's essential to remember that perfection is a journey. Finalizing the exact hue involves a meticulous process of reflection, adjustment, and reiteration. Even as we draw closer to unveiling our new collection, the exact tone may undergo subtle refinements. Everything is still very much in progress, but our dedication remains unyielding: to deliver the epitome of design and quality in every weave and shade.