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Pursuing sustainability

We believe strongly in sustainable manufacturing at Alfa Carpets. The processes involved in the production of carpet yarns are extremely delicate. But by managing and producing our own yarns, we have the ability to create rugs and carpets that are recyclable.

Our manufacturing practices are as environmentally sustainable as possible. We undertake regular internal and external audits to ensure we are up to date with industry standards and technological advancements. We have been awarded a variety of certifications related to sustainability. They encourage our team to aim high, set a standard for our competitors in the industry, and deliver peace of mind for our clients and consumers.

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Our yarns are made from a material called polypropylene. It withstands all kinds of weather conditions, making it the perfect material for outdoor carpets. It has a lifespan far beyond what many other kinds of yarn offer. Its durability also makes it an excellent choice for the extensive foot traffic that indoor carpets need to stand up to.

However, the delicate production process involved in making the yarns needs to be completely free from impurities. By carefully managing it ourselves, we ensure our yarns—and therefore our carpets—are suitable for recycling after use. As such, the raw materials we use subsequently live on in all kinds of other polypropylene products ranging from rope and sails to regular, everyday clothing.

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Sustainability in our manufacturing practices

At Alfa Carpets, our processes are designed to be environmentally sustainable and to avoid waste production wherever possible. For example, we use solar panels to help power our facilities. When they fall short of demand, we rely on green energy. And we separate what waste we do produce into different streams to ensure it is processed in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Achieving this involves more than infrastructure, procedures and training. It’s an accomplishment made possible by our entire workforce. Everyone at Alfa Carpets puts in the extra effort. Why? They want a world that’s beautiful and liveable for the current and future generations.

Internal audits are vital in ensuring existing processes are monitored and evaluated, while also helping us to see where improvements are possible. We firmly believe that external audits are just as important. Fresh eyes and outside experience help in identifying opportunities to raise our own standards and become more familiar with the full potential offered by new innovations. They help us to operate in a more sustainable manner.


Industry certifications ensure we are performing and producing our materials to the highest standards, while also adding to consumer confidence in our products. OEKO-TEX and GUT certifications are a guarantee of quality we are proud to achieve.

In addition we are member of the SEDEX platform where we annually pass SMETA technical as well as ethical audits.

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