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Indoor carpets

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Will your customer find everything they’re looking for in your range? We believe they should. This is why Alfa Carpets designs and manufactures indoor rugs & carpets to your unique and specific order. The choice of colours. The patterns. And the overall look. But that’s not the whole story ...

A rug has to feel good ... We use a 7 mm pile for our indoor carpets to give them—and your customers—a wonderful sense of luxury. Impress them with the carefully calculated interplay of softness and durability that makes us so proud of our yarns. Looking for something completely different? We even produce reversible flat-weave outdoor carpets that function just as well inside.

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Indoor carpets for your clients

Working with Alfa Carpets, you always know exactly what to expect. We work with you to design the pattern and choose colours your customers will fall in love with.

As we produce our own yarns, you always have the exact same colour, order after order. We know how important consistency is, particularly for indoor rugs. With eight Van de Wiele looms in our workshop, we will have your new order produced incredibly quickly.

At your service

Low minimum-order quantities, packaging to fit your needs and a list of different delivery options: Alfa Carpets offers fully customised service. We even take care of customs and administrative paperwork for you. We look forward to helping in any possible way.


The quality of our rug designs, yarns and manufacturing ensure added value for you and your clients.

Low minimum orders

How will your customers respond to certain designs and specific colours? Our low minimum order quantities remove the risk in finding out.


Quantity, colour combinations, packaging, and even delivery are based on your needs.


With short lead times of just six to seven weeks.


Our approach to manufacturing and delivery is designed for reliability—as you define it.

Customised packaging and delivery

The best packaging? Delivery options? You know what works best for you. We provide it.


We develop patterns, choose colours and create your full carpet design with you.

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