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Alfa yarn

We are proud of our rugs and carpets at Alfa Carpets. And that’s only possible because we are proud of our yarns. Rather than entrust an outsider with a critically important step in carpet production, we produce our own yarns. We have complete control over the quality, colours, textures and materials used. This also makes it possible to react flexibly and quickly when we receive orders.


Carpet yarn: Made to order

Making our yarns in-house allows us to work with you to define the colour combinations appearing in the indoor carpets and outdoor carpets we produce for you. We schedule when any specific colour is to be produced. If you’re looking for a large quantity of carpets in a certain colour? You’ll find it here, secure in the knowledge that production of your yarn will begin the moment you place the order.

Producing our own yarns enables us to make and offer yarn for external sale. We customise colours and yarn quality to your order. And if you’re not sure? We are more than happy to advise you or be involved in your creation process. Make the most of our experience and insight, then benefit from our quick turnaround and customised approach to packaging and delivery.

Yarn: Made following certified processes

With complete control over the production of our yarns, we have the ability to avoid harmful substances and ensure sustainable production methods are being used.

This has led to Alfa Carpets being awarded numerous certifications.


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