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rugs & carpets

Alfa are experts in polypropylene rugs and carpets for
indoor and outdoor use, we work with you to meet
your every need and expectation.

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Indoor carpets

Will your customer find everything they’re looking for in your range? We believe they should. This is why Alfa designs and manufactures indoor rugs & carpets to your unique and specific order. The colours. The patterns. And even the sizes. But that’s not the whole story ...

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Outdoor carpets

Alfa is a pioneer in outdoor carpets. We produce flat-weave rugs specially for use outdoors. Designed to stand up to the weather, they’re made with our own synthetic, UV-stabilised yarns. And that’s not all.


The quality of our rug designs, yarns and manufacturing ensure added value for you and your clients.

Low minimum orders

How will your customers respond to certain designs and specific colours? Our low minimum order quantities remove the risk in finding out.


Quantity, colour combinations, packaging, and even delivery are based on your needs.


With short lead times of just six to seven weeks.


Our approach to manufacturing and delivery is designed for reliability—as you define it.

Customised packaging and delivery

The best packaging? Delivery options? You know what works best for you. We provide it.


We develop patterns, choose colours and create your full carpet design with you.

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