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Alfa Carpets designs, develops, produces and delivers rugs and carpets. We are renowned for meeting the specific needs of our clients.


Mission and vision

Alfa Carpets aspires to be the market leader in the production of affordable, high-quality polypropylene rugs and broadloom carpets. We pursue this goal by serving people, protecting the planet and pursuing profits in a sustainable, honest and respectful manner.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to produce indoor carpets and outdoor carpets that meet the specific needs of clients around the world. A vertically integrated company, we champion flexibility in production. By producing our own yarns, working with low minimum-order quantities and collaborating with our clients at every step from design to delivery, we are able to offer a completely customised approach.


Company values

Humane, ethical business is important to us. We follow the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code, built on the conventions of the International Labour Organization. We are proud of our workforce. It includes a large number of employees who have been with us for more than a decade, as well as newer members who benefit from their insights and experience.

Our environmental policy and desire for sustainable operations has already seen us make considerable investments in solar power and green energy, as well as helping us cut down on our waste and separate it for better processing.

With complete control over the production of our yarns, we have the ability to avoid harmful substances while creating carpets that are recyclable. At the same time our sustainable production methods and processes avoid waste where possible. Whatever waste we do produce is separated into different streams for better processing.

Our approach has led to Alfa Carpets being awarded numerous certifications. Regular auditing ensures we are at the cutting-edge, serving not only our clients, but setting an example for the industry.

Alfa Carpets fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Alfa Carpets has been active since 1980. Based in Belgium, we export to more than forty countries around the globe.

We co-create our carpets in collaboration with our clients working with them to design carpet patterns and choose colour combinations. Once our rugs are manufactured, we offer a range of labelling, packaging and delivery options. We cater to our clients to the fullest extent possible. We look forward to continuing to do so as we move forward into the future.

Since 1980

At your service

The sustainable production of quality carpets is just one of our responsibilities. Our service to you is another. We are always happy to advise you, answer your questions and put our extensive experience at your service.

We take a customised approach to ensure you’re happy with every order. Our low minimum order quantities reduce risk and encourage experimentation. If a rug design proves popular? The in-house production of our yarns means you’ll receive the exact same quality and colours in your subsequent orders.

We offer all kinds of packaging and delivery options too. Just let us know what works best for you. As for paperwork? Working with clients in forty different countries, we know customs requirements inside-out. Save yourself time, money and a load of paperwork by leaving the customs declarations and administrative red tape to us. We are always happy to help out.


The quality of our rug designs, yarns and manufacturing ensure added value for you and your clients.

Low minimum orders

How will your customers respond to certain designs and specific colours? Our low minimum order quantities remove the risk in finding out.


Quantity, colour combinations, packaging, and even delivery are based on your needs.


With short lead times of just six to seven weeks.


Our approach to manufacturing and delivery is designed for reliability—as you define it.

Customised packaging and delivery

The best packaging? Delivery options? You know what works best for you. We provide it.


We develop patterns, choose colours and create your full carpet design with you.

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