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Our way of working

Your carpets

Our way of working

Carpets: Made to order

Alfa Carpets makes rugs and carpets for you. We incorporate approaches and values designed to ensure you have exactly what you want. You even have a choice of packaging and delivery options!


You know what your clients and market respond to. This is why we co-create all our carpets with you. Whether they’re indoor carpets or outdoor carpets, we work with you to incorporate patterns and designs, and help you to choose the perfect colour combinations. It’s the only way to ensure you’re responding to the needs and desires of your market.


It’s not just our rugs and carpets that are made to order. We believe in helping you at every step of the way. We have low minimum order quantities. And a range of different packaging and delivery options designed to meet your specific needs. The way it should be.


There are other up sides to working with Alfa Carpets. For example, we produce our own yarns. This means we always have what we need exactly when we need it. And with eight looms, we are able to offer incredibly short lead times of just six to seven weeks.


Looking for reliability? You’ll find it with Alfa Carpets. We approach manufacturing and delivery from your perspective. We understand how important it is to have your order, as expected, on your doorstep, when expected. Looking for more? Just tell us what you need. We love a challenge.


We believe in offering extra value. The originality of our designs, the quality of our yarns, the manufacturing process for the carpets and the finished products themselves are intended to create added value. This way, you have room to move in your pricing and plenty of ways to amaze your clients.

Low minimum orders

Our very low minimum order quantity reduces risk. It also encourages you to gauge the way your market responds to a large variety of different items. We want you to feel comfortable as you offer your customers different options. As we produce our own yarns, you’re always assured of having carpets and rugs of the exact same look and quality if you place a larger order.

Customised packaging and delivery

Let us know your personal packaging preferences. We are more than happy to see your needs are met. The same applies to delivery. And with customers in over forty countries, we know customs paperwork from back to front. We are happy to do the administration to save you time, money and ever so much stress.

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