Alfa Carpets launches new website

26.10.2023  min. read

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website. As we are renowned for our exquisite design, production and manufacturing of both indoor and outdoor carpets, we have decided to take a significant leap to enhance our digital presence.

Our brand new website signifies Alfa Carpets' commitment to bringing its offerings closer to its clients and carpet enthusiasts. The modern and user-friendly interface promises easy navigation and showcases the rich tapestry of designs that we have proudly woven over the years.

To bring this digital vision to life, Alfa Carpets collaborated with Keplerstein, a partner known for crafting digital masterpieces. The synergy between Alfa Carpets and Keplerstein's digital prowess ensures that visitors will have a seamless and enriching browsing experience.

Dive into Alfa Carpets' freshly unveiled website to witness a blend of tradition and innovation. Experience our legacy and craftsmanship like never before as you navigate through our curated collections on the new digital platform!

New Website

Steven Casaert — Sales Alfa Belgium

“I would like to thank the team at Keplerstein for their fantastic collaboration. Their skill and professionalism got this project up and running in no time and gave us a push in the right digital direction. Their creative input and hands-on practice blew us away. Worth repeating and definitely recommended!”