Weversmisdag 01 2024

Weaver's mass day in Flanders: A centuries old tradition of Textile Art

08.01.2024  min. read

On the first Monday after Epiphany, we delve deeper into Flanders' rich textile traditions to celebrate Weaver's mass day.
It takes us back to a time when the artistry of weaving and the textile industrywas central to Flemish daily life. 
On this day we not only honor the craftsmanship but also the community of weavers who have shaped the carpets and fabrics of our history over the years.
Flemish weavers have been the founders of today's global textile industry as we know it. 
So Weaver's Mass day every year becomes the connecting thread that helps us to keep the legacy of our heritage weavers alive and kicking.

Weversmisdag 01 2024