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Introducing the Reverso outdoor carpet: A fusion of functionality and aesthetics

16.02.2023  min. read

Three years of dedication, precision, and design have culminated in the arrival of the Reverso outdoor carpet, now showcased prominently in our showroom. With an intensive development phase spanning a year and a half, the Reverso transitioned to production as last year concluded, living up to every expectation set for it.

Versatility in Design

The name "Reverso" is not merely a catchy title, but a nod to one of its most distinguished features - it can be used on both sides. Whether you're looking to change up the vibe or simply want a fresh look without investing in a new carpet, flipping the Reverso is all it takes.

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A Palette of Choices

One of the Reverso’s most striking features lies in its palette. It boasts four distinct colour banks, offering a versatile range of aesthetic choices to harmonize with a myriad of outdoor settings.

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Effortless Maintenance

For those concerned about maintenance, the Reverso dismisses those worries effortlessly. Its robust fabric can withstand cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, ensuring that its visual appeal remains untarnished over time. For those who might fancy it indoors, the Reverso doesn’t shy away. Its design and texture make it an equally fitting choice for interior settings. Plus, for smaller-sized variants, the convenience goes a notch higher – they are machine washable!

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Seasonal Considerations

Adding colour and atmosphere to your garden has never been this effortless. The Reverso not only serves as a testament to the culmination of years of dedicated craftsmanship but also underscores the future direction of outdoor décor products. As we approach the end of February and the start of March, it's evident that seasonal shifts influence our product lineup. The Reverso, with its vivid hues and unmatched functionality, is an ideal pick for those planning their collection early.