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Alfa Carpets x Motorsport Mabbe : a Match Made in Style Heaven!

23.01.2024  min. read

In Wielsbeke we've transformed Mabbe Motorsport and Brasserie Mauritz with our luxurious vintage-style carpets.
Discover the ultimate fusion of exhilarating speed and sophisticated comfort.


Motorsport Mabbe, based in Wielsbeke is a leading player in the world of motorsport. Central
to their offering is the sale of BMW motorbikes, renowned for their quality and performance. In addition
Motorsport Mabbe offers an extensive range of accessories for motorbike enthusiasts, making it a one-stop
shop for all things motorsport. Next to the showroom you can have a bite to eat and a drink at Brasserie Mauritz.
Alfa Carpets is therefore the perfect partner to provide both the showroom and the brasserie with beautiful
Alfa carpets that contribute to a stylish, vintage ambiance

A stylish collaboration

The collaboration between Motorsport Mabbe and Alfa Carpets is the result of a long-standing relationship
between the owners of both companies. This connection blossomed into a beautiful collaboration, driven by
the shared passion for quality and aesthetics. Motorsport Mabbe and Brasserie Mauritz, always looking for ways
to enrich their spaces, saw in Alfa's carpets the perfect complement to their motorsport and gourmet offerings.
The carpets in the showroom serve a dual purpose. Besides making the space aesthetically pleasing they also help 
to keep the floor free of grease stains, a smart solution for a showroom where shiny BMW motorbikes are on
display. In the brasserie these carpets enhance the unique atmosphere and make the space warm and inviting.

Betting on different colours and styles

A range of colour palettes and rugs were carefully chosen to reflect the unique style of the shop and brasserie.
From the cool aqua blue and grey of the BS collection to the warm terracotta and red of the S- palette, each colour
choice contributes to the unique ambience of the spaces. These carefully chosen colour combinations create an
environment that is both refreshing and timeless.
The future already looks promising with plans for new carpets that will further enrich the unique experience
of Motorsport Mabbe and Brasserie Mauritz.