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Alfa Carpets: specialists in polypropylene

21.12.2023  min. read

In the world of carpets and rugs, there is a material that keeps gaining popularity: polypropylene. But what makes polypropylene carpets so special? Let's look deeper and discover why polypropylene carpets have become such a favourite choice for households and businesses alike.

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What is polypropylene?

Polypropylene (PP) material, a type of plastic known for its almost unbreakable nature, forms the basis of polypropylene carpets. This material is relatively stiff and shows strong resistance to acids and chemical solutions. Polypropylene is an oil-containing material, derived from the petrochemical industry, which has excellent recyclability. In the world of carpets, polypropylene is transformed from molten plastic granules into robust, durable rugs. Although these rugs are essentially made of plastic, this is not noticeable in their appearance.

The unique composition of polypropylene ensures that rugs are hardwearing and colourfast, generate little to no static electricity and absorb very little moisture. The latter is a particularly useful feature when liquids are unexpectedly spilled on the carpet, making polypropylene carpets a practical choice for both domestic and commercial use.

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The deliberate choice of Alfa Carpets

Since 1980, Alfa Carpets has specialised in BCF (Bulk Continuous Fiber) polypropylene carpets, a niche within the carpet market that relies heavily on our craftsmanship in producing this specific type of yarn. Our BCF yarns, the basis of our polypropylene carpets, are produced through a sophisticated process, after which we can create a wide range of carpet types through various post-processing operations. This specialisation enables us to manufacture quality carpets in-house at competitive prices - an advantage less applicable with other yarn types.

Lots of advantages thanks to polypropylene carpets

Even though polypropylene is slightly less soft compared to acrylic and wool, it always retains a very comfortable feel. Polypropylene carpets therefore offer a unique combination of durability, functionality and aesthetics, making them an excellent choice for various applications.

  1. Durability and ease of maintenance: Polypropylene carpets are almost unbreakable, wear- and colour-resistant, and easy to clean with a hoover or a wet cloth, even in case of stains caused by minor accidents.

  2. Moisture and stain resistant: Thanks to the water-repellent properties of polypropylene, these carpets hardly absorb any moisture, making them quick-drying and easy to keep clean, ideal for areas where liquids may be spilled.

  3. Hypoallergenic and health: Polypropylene carpets are bacteria-resistant and trap fine dust and dust mites, making them a better choice for people with allergies compared to hard floor coverings.

  4. Versatility in use: Suitable for high-traffic rooms such as kitchens, corridors and children's rooms due to their sturdiness and ease of maintenance, but also stylish enough for living rooms and bedrooms. Both indoor and outdoor possibilities!

  5. Value for money: Polypropylene carpets offer excellent value for money, with the look and feel of natural materials but with a longer lifespan and lower cost

It is clear that polypropylene carpets, with their unique properties and versatility, have become a favourite choice in both domestic and commercial settings. At Alfa Carpets, we therefore understand the value and potential of this material. Whether you are looking for a practical solution for a high-traffic area or a stylish carpet for your living room, Alfa Carpets is ready to help you find the perfect polypropylene carpet that meets all your needs!